Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux

Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux

These days, there are a huge focus on design, decoration and exclusivity. These factors have until now not received much attention in the cable management sector. This has BOSSCOM now changed. By putting together nice design, ideal material and intelligent combinations has BOSSCOM now created the most exclusive alternative to hiding the cables inside the wall. BOSSCOM has today developed 108 different versions, which includes 6 colors, 6 different width and 3 lengths and more versions will be developed constantly.

BOSSCOM’ Aluminium Cable Covers is a product which can be used in various different cases: when you install a lamp, install your flat screen or have a need to draw already existing cables in a more exclusive an simple way. If you need to adjust the already existing Cable Cover versions, then this could be done easily by cutting the cover in the right length. Do you need the Cable Cover to go around corners or sharp edges can this be done by cutting a 25 /45° angel ( in the near future BOSSCOM will develop corner- and extending pieces in different angels. Installing is easy, thanks to the predrilled holes in the back piece. After the cable has been placed correctly you simply click the front on to the back piece. This cannot be done more exclusive or easier.

All BOSSCOM alu cable covers must not be used in any fixed / stationary installation hereunder installation without connectors / plugs on the cable. BOSSCOMs alu cable covers must only be used in simple installations where only the use of readymade (cable with plugs on) cables must be used. BOSSCOMs alu cable tray is considered as a simple accessory for hifi installations.

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE FOR NY 110 & 110mm version

Inner Measurements:

It is also possible to use our new BOSSCOM DVD Stands together with BOSSCOM Alu cable covers. Click on the picture to read more:

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Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux
Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux
Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux
Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux
Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux
Alu Cable Cover Bordeaux

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